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EduCare partners with businesses and organizations like yours to make an even greater impact on communities around the world, one child at a time.

Why partner with us?

Because we can do more together than we could alone

Together, EduCare and our partners are able to positively impact more countries, more communities, and more individuals than we ever could alone, and that’s the power of partnerships in action. Join EduCare to create an educationally inclusive world, where all people hold the power to improve their lives.

Ignite Educational Progress

A chance to foster education advancements in Nigeria.

Elevate Your CSR Impact

Enhance your corporate social responsibility efforts and strengthen your profile with a meaningful impact.

Forge Deeper Connections

Build strong connections with local communities and key stakeholders, becoming an integral part of positive change.

Partner for Long-Term Success

Establish enduring relationships with Nigerian educational institutions, fostering a legacy of progress.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

Make an indelible mark in Nigeria's education sector, creating a brighter future for generations to come.

Our impact over the years


Students Impacted

We have empowered 5,000 students to make a difference in the world by helping them develop the knowledge, skills, and values they need to succeed.


Schools Supported

To underscore our unwavering dedication to education, we have demonstrated our support for 21 schools through the creation and implementation of innovative educational programs.


New Jobs Created​

We have created employment opportunities for a diverse range of professionals, including teachers, drivers, and entrepreneurs, thereby fostering economic growth and community development.

Our Partners

Introducing our esteemed partners, the heartbeats behind our mission. We celebrate the remarkable network that fuels our shared journey toward a brighter, more impactful future.

Join us in opening educational access for all

Unlock your organization’s impact potential with value-aligned partnerships fueling financial inclusion through EduCare. Get in touch with our team today.

About EduCare

EduCare is dedicated to nurturing Nigeria’s next generation of leaders, ensuring that children have access to high-quality education.